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Financial Independence

Client Centered

When can you realistically retire? Will you run out of money too early? Our planning answers these questions and more to help you create and follow a map toward financial independence.


We will help you clarify your specific retirement objectives. We will run models, all predicated on your specific financial independence objectives, that will do the following:

  • Determine what your asset and cash flow needs will be for financial independence. 
  • Determine the probability of meeting your lifestyle and financial goals through a Monte Carlo Analysis*, which runs multiple scenarios with changing factors including inflation, rates of return, and savings rates. This analysis provides a stress test for the impact of risk and volatility against your objectives.  We will show you alternative investment mixes and the impact on those alternatives to the probability of achieving your objectives.
  • Create a year by year, line by line detail of projected income, assets, taxes, and estate taxes each year into the future. 
  • Given your current asset, income, and expense structure, we will show you what the present value surplus or deficit is, and if a deficit, how much needs to be saved, and what rates of return need to be achieved to make up the deficit.

Once we determine how much needs to be invested to give you a high probability of achieving financial independence, we will educate you about different strategies.  Once you determine which strategies you want to employ, we will help you implement those and together we will create a structure to make sure they get done.  We will monitor your progress regularly.


*Monte Carlo Analysis is a mathematical process used to implement complex statistical methods that chart the probability of certain financial outcomes at certain times in the future. This charting is accomplished by generating hundreds of possible economic scenarios that could affect the performance of your investments.


Introductory Meeting

Our firm offers two complimentary meetings. The first meeting is a virtual meeting to understand your financial goals, the second meeting is an opportunity for us to show you how we can help.