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I Hate Flying

September 09, 2022

I hate flying. I'm the guy who's white knuckled on take-off and landing, anxiety shooting through the roof, sweat pouring out of my hands like a waterfall every time there's a bump. If there were no bumps, I'm pretty sure the whole experience would be vastly different. So, with all this anxiety, why do I fly? The benefits of air travel are endless. Visiting far off destinations, seeing old friends, expanding the markets in which to do business...the list goes on. For me, the ultimate benefits of air travel are the ability to enhance my life experience, see family, and learn. Being able to hop on a plane to travel far and wide, maybe sit on a warm beach and enjoy the time without responsibility is worth the trip, no matter how much anxiety is involved in getting there. How about you? What challenges are you willing to push past in order to gain the reward on the other side?