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Business Ownership and Succession

Maintain your business success.

            Waldron Partners strives to help clients maintain success in business while protecting themselves against the risks associated with having a large percentage of their assets tied up in the entity that is their life's work. As holistic planners, we review all aspects of your financial situation, taking into account tax consequences, legal documents, and asset distributions in order to develop a financial plan closely integrated with your business plan. To help provide clear solutions for entrepreneurs and business owners, we:

  • Specialize in helping owners of private and closely held businesses make the tough decisions surrounding succession
  • Create interim plans to facilitate immediate decision making, while providing enough flexibility and control to change the factors and players as needed over time
  • Help you build the proper team of advisors to most effectively implement your succession plan. The proper advisory team (from legal, tax, and financial disciplines) is critical to a successful transition
  • Assist business owners in evaluating and maintaining employee benefit programs such as medical, life, long-term disability, dental, long-term care insurances, and qualified retirement plans
  • Help to evaluate and implement programs to attract and retain key talent in your organization

The planners at Waldron Partners have helped many clients navigate the succession process to completion.

Are You Ready To Exit Your Business?

            As a business owner who is thinking about a future transition, would you like to know your ‘Readiness’ today to have a successful transfer? If you answered ‘yes,' then please click the link below and take the Business Exit Readiness Index™ (BERI™) Assessment. When you are done answering the twenty (20) questions, a six (6) page, detailed BERI™ Owner’s Report will be sent to you via e-mail (NOTE, if you want this report to avoid workplace e-mails where others track and monitor your traffic, you may choose a personal e-mail address to receive your Report).

            The answers to your twenty (20) short questions will only be shared with us if you select the box on the initial page. All of your information will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of our business. And, if the BERI™ Assessment and Owner’s Report really gets you thinking and you want to continue the conversation, one of our 120 Pinnacle Members or Certified Business Exit Consultants™ (in 36 U.S. States and Canada) can make themselves available to you for an additional meeting and to share with you an additional BERI™ Exit Options Report which accompanies the Owner’s Report.