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Executive Consulting

Provide benefits to key executives.

Executive consulting is good for companies and their executives. It can give people different benefits that regular employee plans do not have. These plans are often just for one or two people, so they do not cost as much money. Companies can also give different benefits to each person depending on what they want to achieve.

Executive compensation plans are different than most retirement plans. They do not need approval from the IRS and don't have to follow certain rules. The company can decide when employees get their pay, or they can give it to them right away or make them wait for it.

Executive compensation plans are different than qualified retirement plans. There is no limit to how much you can get as part of the plan. Sometimes these plans are used in addition to other plans so that executives can get extra benefits. They can also be set up separately, without the other plans.

Executive compensation can help an executive save more money for retirement than normal. It can also protect the executive's family if something bad happens, like death or being unable to work. If done correctly, taxes on the benefit may be paid at a later time, often after retirement.