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Executive Consulting

Provide special benefits to key executives to reward and retain them.

Your company and its top employees can count on the team at Waldron Partners to provide unparalleled expertise and a truly holistic approach. We are eager to show you the many ways you can potentially reward key executives. This will help attract them to your organization and boost retention.

Our strategic mindset and years of industry experience allow us to successfully design, implement, and manage all kinds of financial plans. No matter your situation, even if you’re already working with other advisors, we can help.      

An Overview: Executive Consulting

Executive consulting offers many advantages for companies and their key executives. It supports organizational goals, bridges personal finance and company resources, and empowers individuals to make informed decisions.

In a nutshell, your best employees can use the financial planning services offered by Waldron Partners to ensure their company benefits align with their long-term objectives.

Benefits of Executive Consulting

Everyone deserves to be financially stable. Developing a strategic game plan alongside Waldron Partners will ultimately give your top executives peace of mind. They will worry less about money and feel more in control of their finances. They’ll also be better protected from unexpected financial events.

In addition, providing these special benefits will help your best employees save more for retirement. They’ll be better positioned to protect their family if someone dies or is unable to work. Plus, if put in place correctly, taxes on their benefits can be paid later, often at a lower rate after retirement.

Perhaps most importantly, your company will be able to attract high-level candidates. By incentivizing them, they’ll likely want to stay with your organization for a long time.

Executive Compensation Plans

Your company can opt to give some employees different benefits than the rest – even just one or two of them. Executive compensation plans aren’t the same as most retirement plans. They don’t need IRS approval and follow a different set of rules.

With these plans, you can decide when to pay your executives. Plus, there’s no limit to how much someone can get as part of the plan. You might set one up in addition to other plans so a specific executive receives extra benefits.

Waldron Partners will help you formulate the perfect executive compensation plans.

Retirement Planning & Guidance

Retirement can be both exciting and challenging. It’s critical that individuals diversify their savings in preparation for stock market fluctuations, economic turbulence, and ever-changing laws. The team at Waldron Partners will assess the pros and cons of multiple strategies. Their guidance will help your executives ensure their long-term financial well-being.

Estate & Income Tax Strategies

As your employees look toward the future, they must consider estate taxes. At Waldron Partners, we help clients minimize estate costs. This way they can preserve as much money as possible for future generations.

Our strategies include multi-trust arrangements, revocable trusts, irrevocable gift trusts, and charitable planning techniques – all with the aim of reducing tax liabilities. Our team works closely with legal professionals so everything happens seamlessly.

Furthermore, we partner with our clients and their tax advisors to find ways to lessen tax exposure. Education is a crucial aspect of this process. We explain all the available benefits within the tax code so our clients can take proactive measures to reduce their obligations.

Company Stock Option Planning

All C-Suite executives and recipients of stock incentive packages must have strategies in place to manage their company stock. (We’re referring to non-qualified stock options (NQSO), incentive stock options (ISO), restricted stock units (RSU), and employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) – all of which have their own rules, tax treatments, and planning opportunities.)

This is where Waldron Partners steps in. Our team will help your employees incorporate their company stock into their portfolios and financial plans. We want them to be able to take full advantage of your company’s stock incentive plan.

Charitable Planning Strategies

Many of your executives have likely begun thinking about their legacies. Here at Waldron Partners, we build personalized charitable giving plans that meet the philanthropic goals of our clients. We identify ways to minimize taxes, fund select charitable organizations, and establish meaningful legacies.     

Investment Planning & Risk Management

All individuals can benefit from the thoughtful management of their wealth. The team at Waldron Partners uses advanced portfolio theory applications to assess risk levels and customize financial plans. With our help, your executives will maximize their compensation benefits, diversify their assets, experience less risk, pay fewer taxes, and more.

Executive consulting is a powerful tool. Ultimately, it will give your top executives the chance to maximize their financial performance, achieve peace of mind, and propel the success of your organization. At the same time, your company will enjoy increased employee satisfaction and retention – and find it much easier to attract and bring high-quality executives on board.