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Our Story

            The journey of Waldron Partners began in 1975, when New Jersey native Bob Waldron stepped into the world of financial services. Ambitious and resourceful, Bob blazed his own trail in the insurance business, gleaning the wisdom of mentors, and soon becoming a sought-after advisor and successful corporate manager. From the beginning, Bob worked hard to earn trust and build intentional, impactful relationships with those he served. That reputation led him across the country when he was invited to hire and train financial planners in the San Francisco Bay area with the philosophy he'd become known for: unquestionable integrity, thorough client education and compassionate personal service.

            As the company grew, he wore many hats, including mentor to his son Peter, whose love for helping people and skill with numbers led him to partner with his father. Peter's youthfulness and energy brought a fresh perspective, enhancing the reputation Bob had already built, incorporating new technology and ways of creating an even more holistic client experience. The two combined their strengths to co-found today's iteration of Waldron Partners, and worked together for 15 years to grow a thriving family business. As Bob looked toward retirement, the clients he'd served through the years chose to remain under Peter's care, a testament to the trust that both father and son had built. In 2020 the torch was passed, and Peter stepped up to lead the company into a promising future.

            Today, Waldron Partners embodies the same entrepreneurial spirit that started it all, over 40 years ago. Peter leads with the vision, optimism, and confidence it takes to meet challenges head-on, offering the personal care people need to make well-informed decisions in securing a solid financial future. His select team of highly educated, forward-thinking advisors directs an exclusive firm, serving visionary clients who value elite financial planning and a dynamic, closely held client experience. The team not only makes a significant difference in the lives of those they serve, but also makes a lasting impact on the local community through philanthropy, which has always been a way of life in the Waldron family.

            As we at Waldron Partners move into the future, we envision an ever-growing, all-encompassing firm serving the ultra-high net worth client. We will continue to be an integral part of people's lives, handling all their wealth in a way that provides maximum benefit for themselves and their families for generations to come. As the investment, insurance and estate worlds constantly evolve, we will remain on the forefront of those changes, pivoting masterfully, proving as we always have, to navigate the waters of uncertainty successfully. We will stay true to the vision of our founders with our aligned passion to leave the world better than we found it. We believe that the time we are given in life is precious, and everything we do for our clients has this end in mind: Helping to build a firm foundation for tomorrow, so that life can be lived to the full today.