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Insurance and Risk Management

Provide for your future.

           Say the words “life insurance” to some people, and you're likely to get a less than enthusiastic response. However, more people are discovering that life insurance can be a valuable financial planning tool. Life insurance offers a way for you to help provide for your family, protect your business, and make charitable gifts without reducing the value of your estate. 

           Our team at Waldron Partners is highly experienced in addressing the need for life insurance. Some instances where we have seen a life insurance policy be significantly useful includes:

  • Providing your beneficiaries with the funds to pay for the settling of your estate
  • Replacing income that your family would lose as the result of your incapacitation
  • Ensuring that money is available to your future heirs for their immediate or long-term needs

If you are a small business owner, life insurance provides an important tool for:

  • Supplying funds to pay estate taxes and administration expenses, eliminating the possibility that your business would be sold for these obligations
  • Funding a buy-sell agreement for the purchase of your business interests

            While you may brush off the need for life insurance, request a meeting with a Waldron Partner to discuss your objectives and understand whether insurance could be a worthwhile option for you.