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Our First Company Value Is...

August 22, 2022

"Family" is our number one company value. And by that, we mean that we are all in this to support our own families, our clients' families, our teams' families, and those in the community around us. As we all know, "family" can have different meanings for different people. Sadly, for some, the word carries a negative connotation. For others, it evokes warm memories, comfort, and joy. The stewardship of family can be difficult, but so worth the effort. We must endure sadness during sickness, divorce, departure, and death -- all unavoidable facts of life. Building a strong family structure and staying engaged within it while navigating the busyness of life is a constant challenge. That's why we at Waldron Partners place the highest value on honoring family. The decisions we make in our planning process consistently incorporate the generations of our clients' families. As a business, the benefits our employees receive are all based on serving our families. And lastly, all the giving that we do as a firm takes into consideration the families of our local and global community.